What is Regrade?

Regrade definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a degree or step in a scale, as of rank, advancement, quality, value, or intensity: the best grade of paper.
a class of persons or things of the same relative rank, quality, etc.

a step or stage in a course or process.
a single division of a school classified according to the age or progress of the pupils. In the U.S., public schools are commonly divided into twelve grades below college.
the pupils in such a division.
grades, elementary school (usually preceded by the): He first began teaching in the grades.
a letter, number, or other symbol indicating the relative quality of a student’s work in a course, examination, or special assignment; mark.
a classification or standard of food based on quality, size, etc.: grade A milk.
inclination with the horizontal of a road, railroad, etc., usually expressed by stating the vertical rise or fall as a percentage of the horizontal distance; slope.
Building Trades. Also called grade line. the level at which the ground intersects the foundation of a building.
an animal resulting from a cross between a parent of ordinary stock and one of a pure breed.
Mathematics. grad2.

verb (used with object), grad