Now that

What is Now that?

Now that definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
at the present time or moment: You are now using a dictionary.
without further delay; immediately; at once: Either do it now or not at all.
at this time or juncture in some period under consideration or in some course of proceedings described: The case was now ready for the jury.
at the time or moment immediately past: I saw him just now on the street.

in these present times; nowadays: Now you rarely see horse-drawn carriages.
under the present or existing circumstances; as matters stand: I see now what you meant.
(used to introduce a statement or question): Now, you don’t really mean that.
(used to strengthen a command, entreaty, or the like): Now stop that!

inasmuch as; since: Now you’re here, why not stay for dinner?

the present time or moment: Up to now no one has volunteered.