What is Column ?

Column is (noun) 1. a tall pillar There is a row of huge columns at the entrance to the British Museum. Nelson’s Column is in Trafalgar Square. 2. a thing which is tall and thin A thin column of smoke rose from the bonfire. 3. a line of people, one after the other A column of prisoners came into the camp. Columns of refugees crossed the border. 4. (in the army) a line of soldiers, tanks, etc., moving forward Two columns of infantry advanced towards the enemy positions. An armoured column entered the town. 5. a thin block of printing going down a page ‘Continued on page 7, column 4.’ His article ran to three columns on the first page of the paper. 6. a series of numbers, one under the other to add up a column of figures Put the total at the bottom of the column. 7. a regular article in a newspaper She writes a gardening column for the local newspaper. Regular readers of this column will know about my problems with drains.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level