Metadata, file characteristics

What is Metadata, file characteristics?

Metadata, file characteristics meaning in Digital terms is Technical information about a digital file or multifile digital object. For example, for digital photographs, this category includes the shutter speed and lens aperture; for all digital images, the category includes such things as pixel dimensions; for sound recordings, the category includes sampling frequency and bit depth. File-characteristics metadata is commonly embedded within image files using Exif, TIFF Header tags, and/or XMP, and within WAVE sound files in the AudioFormat chunk. It may also be documented externally to the file, in structures like the XMP sidecar file, MIX (NISO Metadata for Images in XML) or, for sound recordings, in AES-X98B, a draft standard from the Audio Engineering Society called Administrative and Structural Metadata for Audio Objects. In the METS digital object schema, this category is called technical metadata (<techmd>) and it is classified as a subtype of administrative metadata.


reference: Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative – Glossary