What is Calendar?

Calendar meaning Consent – A bill calendar used to allow rapid floor consideration for final passage of noncontroversial bills.Regular – Written calendars (lists of bills to be considered for third reading) required to be posted in the Senate Chamber at least 24 hours prior to consideration by the Senate or in the House Chamber at least 48 hours prior to consideration by the House. Senate rules limit the Senate calendar to 14 general bills, plus holdovers, while House rules place the maximum at 25, including any bills held over from previous calendars or any bills set by special order and excluding only those bills “bumped” or objected to on a Consent Calendar.Message – Calendars used for bills which have passed both chambers but remain unsettled because there has been no uniform agreement on the final language.Local – A consent calendar used for bills which pertain only to a specific county or municipality.


reference: Tennessee General Assembly – Glossary of Terms