Delta E

What is Delta E?

Delta E meaning in Digital terms is A color difference metric that is intended to correlate with human visual judgments of small differences in perceived color between two color stimuli. The independent variables for the calculation use the values for the two color stimuli under consideration, expressed in terms of L*a*b* color space (sometimes called CIELAB, from the International Commission on Illumination, or CIE). A number of derivative Delta E measures use a subset of the three L*a*b* values. For instance, the two-value Delta E (a*b*) is frequently used to measure the chromatic portion of the difference, omitting the intensity or brightness measurement. The CIE has adjusted the relevant specification from time to time; a recent version was published in 2000 and is sometimes referred to as Delta E 2000.


reference: Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative – Glossary