Lesch-nyhan syndrome

What is Lesch-nyhan syndrome?

Lesch-nyhan syndrome definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
adverb, a compar. of little with least as superl.
to a smaller extent, amount, or degree: less exact.
most certainly not (often preceded by much or still): He could barely pay for his own lodging, much less for that of his friend.

in any way different; other: He is nothing less than a thief.

adjective, a compar. of little with least as superl.
smaller in size, amount, degree, etc.; not so large, great, or much: less money; less speed.
lower in consideration, rank, or importance: no less a person than the manager.

fewer: less than a dozen.

a smaller amount or quantity: Hundreds of soldiers arrived, but less of them remained.
something inferior or not as important: He was tortured for less.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/lesch-nyhan-syndrome