What is Verged?

Verged definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the edge, rim, or margin of something: the verge of a desert; to operate on the verge of fraud.
the limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs; brink: on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
a limiting belt, strip, or border of something.

British. a narrow strip of turf bordering on a pathway, sidewalk, roadway, etc.
a decorative border, as on or around an object, structural part, etc.
limited room or scope for something: an action within the verge of one’s abilities.
an area or district subject to a particular jurisdiction.
History/Historical. an area or district in England embracing the royal palace, being the jurisdiction of the Marshalsea Court.
the part of a sloping roof that projects beyond the gable wall.
Architecture. the shaft of a column or colonette.
a rod, wand, or staff, especially one carried as an emblem of authority or of the office of a bishop, dean, or the like.
Horology. a palletlike lever formerly used in inexpensive pendulum clocks.
Obsolete. a stick or wand held in the hand of a person swearing fealty to a feudal lord on being admitted as a tenant.

verb (used without object), verged, verg