What is Stripe?

Stripe definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a relatively long, narrow band of a different color, appearance, weave, material, or nature from the rest of a surface or thing: the stripes of a zebra.
a fabric or material containing such a band or bands.
a strip of braid, tape, or the like.
stripes, a number or combination of such strips, worn on a military, naval, or other uniform as a badge of rank, service, good conduct, combat wounds, etc.Informal.status or recognition as a result of one’s efforts, experience, or achievements: She earned her stripes as a traveling sales representative and then moved up to district manager.

a strip, or long, narrow piece of anything: a stripe of beach.

a streak or layer of a different nature within a substance.
style, variety, sort, or kind: a man of quite a different stripe.
Also called magnetic stripe. Movies. a strip of iron oxide layer on the edge of a film that is used for recording and reproducing a magnetic sound track.

verb (used with object), striped, strip