Back up

What is Back up?

Back up definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the rear part of the human body, extending from the neck to the lower end of the spine.
the part of the body of animals corresponding to the human back.

the rear portion of any part of the body: the back of the head.
the whole body, with reference to clothing: the clothes on his back.
ability for labor; effort; endurance: He put his back into the task.
the part opposite to or farthest from the front; the rear part: the back of a hall.
the part that forms the rear of any object or structure: the back of a chair.
the part that covers the back: the back of a jacket.
the spine or backbone: The fall broke his back.
any rear part of an object serving to support, protect, etc.: the back of a binder.
Nautical, Aeronautics. the forward side of a propeller blade (opposed to facedef 20).
Aeronautics. the top part or upper surface of an aircraft, especially of its fuselage.
Bookbinding. the edge of a book formed where its sections are bound together.
the backs, grounds along the River Cam in back of certain colleges at Cambridge University in England: noted for their great beauty.
Architecture. extrados.
Carpentry. the upper side of a joist, rafter, handrail, etc.the area of interior wall between a window stool and the floor.

Mining. the roof of a stope or drift.
Sports. a player whose regular position is behind that of players who make initial contact with the opposing team, as behind the forward line in football or nearest the player’s own goal in polo.the position occupied by this player.

verb (used with object)
to support, as with authority, influence, help, or money (often followed by up): to back a candidate; to back up a theory with facts.
to bet on: to back a horse in the race.

to cause to move backward (often followed by up): to back a car.
to furnish with a back: to back a book.
to lie at the back of; form a back or background for: a beach backed by hills.
to provide with an accompaniment: a singer backed by piano and bass.
to get upon the back of; mount.
to write or print on the back of; endorse; countersign.
Carpentry. to attach strips of wood to the upper edge of (a joist or rafter) to bring it to a desired level.
Nautical. to alter the position of (a sail) so that the wind will strike the forward brace (yards) in backing a reinforce the hold of (an anchor) by means of a smaller one attached to it and dropped farther away.

verb (used without object)
to go or move backward (often followed by up).
Nautical. (of wind) to change direction counterclockwise (opposed to veer).