What is Tie ?

Tie is (noun) 1. a long piece of coloured cloth which men wear round their necks under the collar of their shirts He’s wearing a blue tie with red stripes. They won’t let you into the restaurant if you haven’t got a tie on. 2. a result in a competition or election where both sides have the same score The result was a tie and the vote had to be taken again. there was a tie for second place two people were equal second 3. a thing which prevents you from doing what you want to do The big house has become something of a tie to my parents. (verb) 1. to attach something with string, rope or twine The parcel was tied with a little piece of string. He tied his horse to the post. The burglars tied his hands behind his back. 2. to have the same score as another team in a competition They tied for second place. 3. to make a knot He tied a knot in his handkerchief to remind him.(NOTE: tying tied)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level