What is Judge?

Judge definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court of law; a magistrate charged with the administration of justice.
a person appointed to decide in any competition, contest, or matter at issue; authorized arbiter: the judges of a beauty contest.

a person qualified to pass a critical judgment: a good judge of horses.
an administrative head of Israel in the period between the death of Joshua and the accession to the throne by Saul.
(especially in rural areas) a county official with supervisory duties, often employed part-time or on an honorary basis.

verb (used with object), judged, judgA.ing.
to pass legal judgment on; pass sentence on (a person): The court judged him guilty.
to hear evidence or legal arguments in (a case) in order to pass judgment; adjudicate; try: The Supreme Court is judging that case.

to form a judgment or opinion of; decide upon critically: You can’t judge a book by its cover.
to decide or settle authoritatively; adjudge: The censor judged the book obscene and forbade its sale.
to infer, think, or hold as an opinion; conclude about or assess: He judged her to be correct.
to make a careful guess about; estimate: We judged the distance to be about four miles.
(of the ancient Hebrew judges) to govern.

verb (used without object), judged, judgA.ing.
to act as a judge; pass judgment: No one would judge between us.
to form an opinion or estimate: I have heard the evidence and will judge accordingly.

to make a mental judgment.


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