What is Drysdale?

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a New Zealand breed of sheep with hair growing among its wool: bred for its coat which is used in making carpets

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Examples from the Web for drysdaleNicholson and Spotswood were by nature dictators, Drysdale and Gooch had no desire for power for power’s sake.Give Me Liberty|Thomas J. Wertenbaker

Drysdale soon relapsed into moody silence, and when they reached his gate, he was a really pitiable object.The Somnambulist and the Detective|Allan Pinkerton

Mr. Andrews and Mrs. Potter left the room in a few minutes, as Mr. Drysdale evidently wished to be left alone.The Somnambulist and the Detective|Allan Pinkerton

Drysdale’s popularity was based more on what he did not do than what he did do.Give Me Liberty|Thomas J. Wertenbaker

The following night Mrs. Potter got up and went into Drysdale’s room, where he was sleeping alone.The Somnambulist and the Detective|Allan Pinkerton


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