What is Accounted?

Accounted definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

an oral or written description of particular events or situations; narrative: an account of the meetings; an account of the trip.
an explanatory statement of conduct, as to a superior.
a statement of reasons, causes, etc., explaining some event.
reason; basis: On this account I’m refusing your offer.
importance; worth; value; consequence: things of no account.
estimation; judgment: In his account it was an excellent piece of work.
an amount of money deposited with a bank, as in a checking or savings account: My account is now with Third National.
Also called charge account. an accommodation or service extended by a business to a customer or client permitting the charging of goods or services, the returning for credit of unsatisfactory merchandise, etc.: Do you have an account at this store? My account with the restaurant is past due.
a statement of financial transactions.

  1. a formal record of the debits and credits relating to the person, business, etc., named at the head of the ledger account.
  2. a balance of a specified period’s receipts and expenditures.

  1. a business relation in which credit is used.
  2. any customer or client, especially one carried on a regular credit basis.
  3. Also called advertising account.the business assigned to an advertising agency by a client: The toothpaste account was awarded to a new agency last year.