Treasury Stock

Treasury stock is stock that the bank has issued and subsequently acquired, but that
has not been retired or resold. As a general rule, treasury stock, whether carried at cost or at par value, is a deduction from a bank’s total equity capital. For purposes of the Reports of Condition and Income, the carrying value of treasury stock should be reported (as a negative number) in Schedule RC, item 26.c, “Other equity capital components.”
“Gains” and “losses” on the sale, retirement, or other disposal of treasury stock are not to be reported in Schedule RI, Income Statement, but should be reflected in Schedule RI-A, item 6, “Treasury stock transactions, net.” Such gains and losses, as well as the excess of the cost over the par value of treasury stock carried at par, are generally to be treated as adjustments to Schedule RC, item 25, “Surplus.”
For further information, see ASC Subtopic 505-30, Equity