What is Think ?

Think is (verb) 1. to use your mind We never think about what people might say, we always do what we think is right. to think twice to consider very carefully Think twice before you sign that contract. I’d think twice about spending all the money you’ve saved. 2. to have an opinion I think London is a nicer town to live in than Frankfurt. Everyone thinks we’re mad to go on holiday in December. The weather forecasters think it’s going to rain. The gang is thought to be based in Spain. 3. to make a plan to do something We’re thinking we might open an office in New York. (NOTE: thinking thought ) (noun) (informal.) a period when you think, the act of thinking Let me have a little think and I’ll tell you what we should do. Have a think about what I’ve just said. We really need to have another think about the plan. to have another think coming to have to change your plans If he thinks he’s going to tell me how to do my job, he’s got another think coming.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level