What is Wide?

Wide is (adj) 1. which measures from side to side The table is three foot or three feet wide. The river is not very wide at this point. 2. to a great degree, including a large amount The shop carries a wide range of imported goods. She has a wide knowledge of French painting. width (NOTE: wider – widest) (adv) 1. as far as possible, as much as possible She opened her eyes wide. The door was wide open so we just walked in. wide apart separated by a large space He stood with his legs wide apart. 2. not on the target The shells fell wide of their target. to be wide of the mark to be very wrong He’s wide of the mark when he says that that old car is worth £2000. (noun) (in cricket) a ball which goes too far to the side of the batsman


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level