What is Bean?

Bean definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the edible nutritious seed of various plants of the legume family, especially of the genus Phaseolus.
a plant producing such seeds.
the pod of such a plant, especially when immature and eaten as a vegetable.
any of various other beanlike seeds or plants, as the coffee bean.

Slang. a person’s head. a coin or a bank note considered as a coin: I can’t pay for the ticket, I don’t have a bean in my jeans.

British Informal. a minimum amount of money: They’ve been disinherited and now haven’t a bean.
beans, Informal. the slightest amount: He doesn’t know beans about navigation.

verb (used with object)
Slang. to hit on the head, especially with a baseball.

beans, (used to express disbelief, annoyance, etc.).