What is missal?

missal meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A liturgical book containing all the texts (chants, prayers, and readings) used by the priest in the celebration of Mass, arranged according to the liturgical year. From the 10th century on, the readings formerly contained in the sacramentary were combined with the gradual, evangelary, and epistolary to form a single volume, to facilitate private masses. The earliest medieval examples were copied by hand on parchment or vellum and beautifully illuminated, especially the canon page and the Vere dignum monogram. Click here to page through a 16th-century Italian missal (Getty Museum, MS 87) and here to see an opening in a 16th-century printed example (Special Collections, Glasgow University Library, Bg.1.2). To see other examples, try a keyword search on the term in Google Images. In a more general sense, any book of prayers or daily devotions. Also spelled missale. Compare with breviary.


reference: ABC-CLIO