Bowl over

What is Bowl over?

Bowl over definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
one of the balls, having little or no bias, used in playing ninepins or tenpins.
one of the biased or weighted balls used in lawn bowling.

bowls, (used with a singular verb) lawn bowling.
a delivery of the ball in bowling or lawn bowling.
(formerly) a rotating cylindrical part in a machine, as one to reduce friction.

verb (used without object)
to play at bowling or bowls; participate in or have a game or games of bowling.
to roll a bowl or ball.

to move along smoothly and rapidly.
Cricket. to deliver the ball to be played by the batsman.

verb (used with object)
to roll or trundle, as a ball or hoop.
to attain by bowling: He bowls a good game. She usually bowls a 120 game, but today she bowled 180.

to knock or strike, as by the ball in bowling (usually followed by over or down).
to carry or convey, as in a wheeled vehicle.
Cricket. to eliminate (a batsman) by bowling (usually followed by out): He was bowled for a duck. He was bowled out for a duck.

Verb Phrases
bowl over, to surprise greatly: We were bowled over by the news.