X ray

What is X ray?

X ray meaning in Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:
Very short wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum; can penetrate soft tissue; although it is useful in medical diagnosis, it also damages tissue and causes mutations.


reference: Mc Graw Hill Online Learning Center



What is X-ray?

X-ray is (noun) 1. radiation with a very short wavelength, which is invisible, but can go through soft tissue and register as a photograph on a film The X-ray examina- tion showed the key was inside the baby’s stomach. The X-ray department is closed for lunch. 2. a photograph taken with X-rays The X-ray showed that the bone was bro-ken in two places. They will take an X-rayof his leg. She was sent to hospital for anX-ray. verb to take an X-ray photograph of someone There are six patients waiting to be X-rayed. They X-rayed my leg to see if it was broken.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level