Put to bed

What is Put to bed?

Put to bed definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a piece of furniture upon which or within which a person sleeps, rests, or stays when not well.
the mattress and bedclothes together with the bedstead of a bed.

the bedstead alone.
the act of or time for sleeping: Now for a cup of cocoa and then bed.
the use of a bed for the night; lodging: I reserved a bed at the old inn.
the marital relationship.
any resting place: making his bed under a tree.
something resembling a bed in form or position.
a piece or area of ground in a garden or lawn in which plants are grown.
an area in a greenhouse in which plants are grown.
the plants in such areas.
the bottom of a lake, river, sea, or other body of water.
a piece or part forming a foundation or base.
a layer of rock; a stratum.
a foundation surface of earth or rock supporting a track, pavement, or the like: a gravel bed for the roadway.
Building Trades. the underside of a stone, brick, slate, tile, etc., laid in position. the upper side of a stone laid in position. the layer of mortar in which a brick, stone, etc., is laid. the natural stratification of a stone: a stone laid on bed.

Furniture. skirt(def 6b).
the flat surface in a printing press on which the form of type is laid.
Transportation. the body or, sometimes, the floor or bottom of a truck or trailer.
Chemistry. a compact mass of a substance functioning in a reaction as a catalyst or reactant.
Sports. the canvas surface of a trampoline. the smooth, wooden floor of a bowling alley. the slate surface of a billiard table to which the cloth is fastened.

Zoology. flesh enveloping the base of a claw, especially the germinative layer beneath the claw.
Also called mock, mock mold. Shipbuilding. a shaped steel pattern upon which furnaced plates for the hull of a vessel are hammered to shape.
bed and board.

verb (used with object), bed