book club

What is book club?

book club meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:
A commercial company that sells new books and backlisted titles by mail to subscribers who agree to purchase a minimum number of titles per year at discount prices, usually from main, alternate, or special selections offered on a monthly basis that may be rejected or returned by the subscriber. To attract new subscribers, an introductory offer of free or heavily discounted titles may be made in exchange for a minimum purchase commitment. Some book clubs offer books of general interest (example: Book-of-the-Month Club); others specialize by genre (mystery, science fiction, etc.), subject (gardening), or academic field or discipline (history). Directory information for book clubs is available in Literary Market Place, a reference serial available in most libraries. Click here to view an online list of Book Clubs by Interest, or try the Yahoo! list of book clubs. See also: birthday book club and book club edition.Also refers to an informal group of readers who purchase books for circulation and, in some cases, discussion among themselves. Synonymous in this sense with reading circle. See also: online book club.  


reference: ABC-CLIO