What is Wheel?

Wheel is (noun) 1. a round piece which turns round an axle and on which a vehicle such as a bicycle, a car or a train runs The front wheel and the back wheel of the motorbike were both damaged in the accident. We got a flat tyre so I had to get out to change the wheel. on wheels with wheels attached Hospital beds are on wheels so they are easy to move. meals 2. any similar round piece for turning to be at the wheel to be driving She was at the wheel when the car went off the road. to take the wheel to start to drive a car She took the wheel because her husband was falling asleep. (verb) 1. to push something along that has wheels He wheeled his motorbike into the garage. She was wheeling her bike along the pavement. The waiter wheeled in a sweet trolley. 2. to wheel round to turn round suddenly She wheeled round and went straight up to the counter. 3. to fly in circles Gulls were wheeling above the fishing boats. 4. to wheel and deal to make business deals in a way that is dishonest or is not fair


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level