What is Shadowlike?

Shadowlike definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light.
shade or comparative darkness, as in an area.
shadows, darkness, especially that coming after sunset.
shelter; protection: sanctuary in the shadow of the church.
a slight suggestion; trace: beyond the shadow of a doubt.
a specter or ghost: pursued by shadows.
a hint or faint, indistinct image or idea; intimation: shadows of things to come.
a mere semblance: the shadow of power.
a reflected image.
(in painting, drawing, graphics, etc.)

  1. the representation of the absence of light on a form.
  2. the dark part of a picture, especially as representing the absence of illumination: Rembrandt’s figures often emerge gradually from the shadows.
(in architectural shades and shadows) a dark figure or image cast by an object or part of an object upon a surface that would otherwise be illuminated by the theoretical light source.Compare shade(def 16).
a period or instance of gloom, unhappiness, mistrust, doubt, dissension, or the like, as in friendship or one’s life: Their relationship was not without shadows.
a dominant or pervasive threat, influence, or atmosphere, especially one causing gloom, fear, doubt, or the like: They lived under the shadow of war.
an inseparable companion: The dog was his shadow.
a person who follows another in order to keep watch upon that person, as a spy or detective.