What is Water?

Water is (noun) 1. a common liquid which falls as rain and forms rivers, lakes and seas. It makes up a large part of the bodies of living creatures, and is used for drinking and in cooking; also in industrial proceses. Can we have three glasses of water please? Cook the vegetables in boiling water. Is the tap water safe to drink? You are advised to drink only bottled water. The water temperature is 60 degrees. (NOTE: no plural: some water; a drop of water) 2. to spend money like water to spend large amounts of money When they were furnishing the house they just spent money like water. it’s all water under the bridge a long time has passed and the situation has changed completely (informal.) like water off a duck’s back having no effect at all He was told off several times for being late, but it was like water off a duck’s back. 3. a mass of water forming something such as a lake, river or sea They live right on the water’s edge. Living surrounded by water, they became good sailors. (NOTE: no plural for meanings 1, 2 and 3) 4. waters in international waters, outside territorial waters in that part of the sea which is not considered to belong to any country (verb) 1. to pour water on the soil round a plant to make it grow Because it is hot we need to water the garden every day. She was watering her pots of flowers. 2. to make your eyes fill with tears or to make your mouth fill with saliva Peeling onions makes my eyes water. to make your mouth water to look so good that your mouth fills with saliva Those cakes make my mouth water. His new car made her mouth water. under water 1. swimming under the surface of water She can swim well, even under water. 2. covered by floods Parts of the town are under water after the river flooded. to keep your head above water 1. to swim with your head out of the water 2. to be able to keep out of trouble to water something down 1. to add water to another liquid Their proposals were watered down a lot. 2. to make a statement less strong


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level