In the running

What is In the running?

In the running definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the act of a person, animal, or thing that runs.
managing or directing: the running of a business.

an act or instance of racing: the 113th running of the Kentucky Derby.
the condition of a track or surface to be run or raced on; footing: Our track team had muddy running today.
the amount, quality, or type of a liquid flow.

galloping, racing, moving, or passing rapidly.
(of a horse) going or proceeding rapidly at the gait of a gallop.taught to proceed at a gallop.

creeping or climbing, as plants: a running vine.

moving or proceeding easily or smoothly.
moving when pulled or hauled, as a rope.
slipping or sliding easily, as a knot or a noose.
operating or functioning, as a machine.
(of measurement) linear; straight-line.
cursive, as handwriting.
flowing, as a stream.
liquid or fluid.
present; current: the running month.
prevalent, as a condition or state: running prices.
going or carried on continuously; sustained: a running commentary.
extending or repeated continuously: a running pattern.
performed with or during a run: a running leap.
discharging pus or other matter: a running sore.
Nautical. noting any of various objects or assemblages of objects that may be moved in ordinary use: running bowsprit; running gaff.
Nautical, Machinery. noting any block of a tackle that moves.noting the part of the fall of a tackle that moves through the blocks (opposed to standing).

in succession; consecutively: He slept badly for three nights running.