What is Wave?

Wave is (noun) 1. a raised mass of water on the surface of the sea, a lake or a river Waves were breaking on the rocks. Watch out for big waves on the beach. The sea was calm, with hardly any waves. Mexican wave 2. an up and down movement of your hand she gave me a wave she waved her hand to me 3. a regular curve on the surface of hair His hair has a natural wave. 4. a sudden increase in something A wave of anger surged through the crowd. 5. groups of people, or of things such as vehicles or machines rushing forwards Wave after wave of soldiers attacked the fort. They sent in waves of bombers to destroy the harbour. (verb) 1. to move up and down in the wind The banners were waving outside the town hall. 2. to make an up and down movement of the hand, usually when saying goodbye They waved until the car was out of sight. They waved goodbye as the boat left the harbour. to wave to someone to signal to someone by moving your hand up and down When I saw him I waved to him to cross the road. to wave someone on to tell someone to go on by a movement of the hand The policeman waved the traffic on. 3. (of hair.) to have a wave I wish my hair would wave naturally. (NOTE: Do not confuse with waive.)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level