What is Wash?

Wash is (noun) 1. the action of cleaning, using water The car needs a wash. He’s in the bathroom, having a quick wash. 2. to do a wash to wash some clothes in a washing machine I’ll do a wash this morning. to come out in the wash to lose colour All the colour of my pyjamas came out in the wash. it will all come out in the wash everything will work out correctly, although various mistakes have been made (informal.) Don’t worry too much about the mistakes in your report – it’ll all come out in the wash. 3. the wake of a ship, the waves made by a ship moving through water The little boat rocked in the wash of the ferry. 4. a mixture of paint and water They started to put a pale yellow wash on the front of the house. mouthwash (verb) 1. to clean using water Cooks should always wash their hands before touching food! I must wash the car before we go to the wedding. The moment I had washed the windows it started to rain. His football shirt needs washing. linen 2. to wash your hands of someone or something to refuse to be responsible for something She’s washed her hands of her son since he was put in prison for drugs dealing. He’s washed his hands of the whole affair. 3. to flow against something The waves washed against the steps leading to the quay. 4. to be washed overboard to be pulled off a boat by waves He was washed overboard during the night. in the wash 1. in the process of being washed All my T-shirts are in the wash. 2. in a pile of things waiting to be washed


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level