What is Courting?

Courting definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
Law. a place where justice is administered. a judicial tribunal duly constituted for the hearing and determination of cases. a session of a judicial assembly.

an area open to the sky and mostly or entirely surrounded by buildings, walls, etc.

a high interior usually having a glass roof and surrounded by several stories of galleries or the like.
Chiefly Irish. a stately dwelling.
a short street.
a smooth, level quadrangle on which to play tennis, basketball, etc.
one of the divisions of such an area.
the residence of a sovereign or other high dignitary; palace.
a sovereign’s or dignitary’s retinue.
a sovereign and councilors as the political rulers of a state.
a formal assembly held by a sovereign.
homage paid, as to a king.
special or devoted attention in order to win favor, affection, etc.: to pay court to the king.
the body of qualified members of a corporation, council, board, etc.
a branch or lodge of a fraternal society.
Animal Behavior. an area where animals of a particular species gather to display. the group of insects, as honeybees, surrounding the queen; retinue.

verb (used with object)
to try to win the favor, preference, or goodwill of: to court the rich.
to seek the affections of; woo.

(of animals) to attempt to attract (a mate) by engaging in certain species-specific behaviors.
to attempt to gain (applause, favor, a decision, etc.).
to hold out inducements to; invite.
to act in such a manner as to cause, lead to, or provoke: to court disaster by reckless driving.

verb (used without object)
to seek another’s love; woo.
(of animals) to engage in certain species-specific behaviors in order to attract individuals of the opposite sex for mating.