What is Fined?

Fined definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
adjective,, finA.est.
of superior or best quality; of high or highest grade: fine wine.
choice, excellent, or admirable: a fine painting.

consisting of minute particles: fine sand; a fine purACe.
very thin or slender: fine thread.
keen or sharp, as a tool: Is the knife fine enough to carve well?
delicate in texture; filmy: fine cotton fabric.
delicately fashioned: fine tracery.
highly skilled or accomplished: a fine musician.
trained to the maximum degree, as an athlete.
characterized by or affecting refinement or elegance: a fine lady.
polished or refined: fine manners.
affectedly ornate or elegant: A style so fine repels the average reader.
delicate or subtle: a fine distinction.
bright and clear: a fine day; fine skin.
healthy; well: In spite of his recent illness, he looks fine.
showy or smart; elegant in appearance: a bird of fine plumage.
good-looking or handsome: a fine young man.
(of a precious metal or its alloy) free from impurities or containing a large amount of pure metal: fine gold; Sterling silver is 92.5 percent fine.

Informal. in an excellent manner; very well: He did fine on the exams. She sings fine.
very small: She writes so fine I can hardly read it.

Billiards, Pool. in such a way that the driven ball barely touches the object ball in passing.
Nautical. as close as possible to the wind: sailing fine.

verb (used without object), fined,
to become fine or finer, as by refining.
to become less, as in size or proportions; reduce; diminish (often followed by down): The plumpness fines down with exercise.

verb (used with object), fined,
to make fine or finer, especially by refining or pulverizing.
to reduce the size or proportions of (often used with down or away): to fine down the heavy features; to fine away superfluous matter in a design.

to clarify (wines or spirits) by filtration.

fines, Mining. crushed ore sufficiently fine to pass through a given screen.Compare short(def 29e).Agriculture. the fine bits of corn kernel knocked off during handling of the grain.