What is Reperformed?

Reperformed definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object)
to carry out; execute; do: to perform miracles.
to go through or execute in the proper, customary, or established manner: to perform the marriage ceremony.
to carry into effect; fulfill: Perform what you promise.
to act (a play, part, etc.), as on the stage, in movies, or on television.

to render (music), as by playing or singing.
to accomplish (any action involving skill or ability), as before an audience: to perform a juggling act.
to complete.

verb (used without object)
to fulfill a command, promise, or undertaking.
to execute or do something.

to act in a play: to perform in the role of Romeo.
to perform music.
to go through any performance.
(of loans, investments, etc.) to yield a profit; earn income.