Potting shed

What is Potting shed?

Potting shed definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a bag, sack, or similar receptacle, especially one for small articles or quantities: a tobacco pouch.
a small moneybag.
a bag for carrying mail.

a bag or case of leather, used by soldiers to carry ammunition.
something shaped like or resembling a bag or pocket.
Chiefly Scot. a pocket in a garment.
a baggy fold of flesh under the eye.
Anatomy, Zoology. a baglike or pocketlike part; a sac or cyst, as the sac beneath the bill of pelicans, the saclike dilation of the cheeks of gophers, or the receptacle for the young of marsupials.
Botany. a baglike cavity.

verb (used with object)
to put into or enclose in a pouch, bag, or pocket; pocket.
to arrange in the form of a pouch.

(of a fish or bird) to swallow.

verb (used without object)
to form a pouch or a cavity resembling a pouch.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/potting-shed