What is Closure?

Closure definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

the act of closing; the state of being closed.
a bringing to an end; conclusion.
something that closes or shuts.
an architectural screen or parapet, especially one standing free between columns or piers.
Phonetics. an occlusion of the vocal tract as an articulatory feature of a particular speech sound.Compare constriction(def 5).
Parliamentary Procedure. a cloture.
Surveying. completion of a closed traverse in such a way that the point of origin and the endpoint coincide within an acceptably small margin of error.Compare error of closure.

  1. the property of being closed with respect to a particular operation.
  2. the intersection of all closed sets that contain a given set.

  1. the tendency to see an entire figure even though the picture of it is incomplete, based primarily on the viewer’s past experience.
  2. a sense of psychological certainty or completeness: a need for closure.
Obsolete. something that encloses or shuts in; enclosure.