Cry on someone’s shoulder

What is Cry on someone’s shoulder?

Cry on someone’s shoulder definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the part of each side of the body in humans, at the top of the trunk, extending from each side of the base of the neck to the region where the arm articulates with the trunk.
Usually shoulders. these two parts together with the part of the back joining them.
a corresponding part in animals.

the upper foreleg and adjoining parts of a sheep, goat, etc.
the joint connecting the arm or the foreleg with the trunk.
a shoulderlike part or projection.
Ornithology. the bend of a bird’s wing, between the hand and the forearm, especially when distinctively colored, as in the red-shouldered hawk, Buteo lineatus.
a cut of meat that includes the upper joint of the foreleg.
Often shoulders. Informal. capacity for bearing responsibility or blame or sympathizing with other people: If you want to tell me your troubles, I have broad shoulders.
a steplike change in the contour of an object, as for opposing or limiting motion along it or for an abutment.
Carpentry. the end surface or surfaces of a piece from which a tenon or tenons project. an inclined and raised surface, as on a joggle post, for receiving and supporting the foot of a strut or the like.

Fortification. the angle of a bastion between the face and the flank.
Printing. the flat surface on a type body extending beyond the base of the letter or character.
the part of a garment that covers, or fits over, the shoulder.
(in leather manufacturing) that part of the hide anterior to the butt.
either of the two edges or borders along a road, especially that portion on which vehicles can be parked in emergencies.Compare soft shoulder.
shoulder season.
Furniture. knee(def 6).

verb (used with object)
to push with or as if with the shoulder, especially roughly: to shoulder someone aside.
to take upon, support, or carry on or as if on the shoulder or shoulders: He shouldered his knapsack and walked on.

to assume as a responsibility: to shoulder the expense.

verb (used without object)
to push with or as if with the shoulder: to shoulder through a crowd.