What is Coordinate?

Coordinate definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
of the same order or degree; equal in rank or importance.
involving coordination.

Mathematics. using or pertaining to systems of coordinates.
Grammar. of the same rank in grammatical construction, as Jack and Jill in the phrase Jack and Jill, or got up and shook hands in the sentence He got up and shook hands.

a person or thing of equal rank or importance; an equal.
Mathematics. any of the magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point, line, or the like, by reference to a fixed figure, system of lines, etc.

coordinates, articles of clothing, furniture, or the like, harmonizing in color, material, or style, designed to be worn or used together.

verb (used with object), coA.orA.diA.natA.ed,
to place or class in the same order, rank, division, etc.
to place or arrange in proper order or position.

to combine in harmonious relation or action.

verb (used without object), coA.orA.diA.natA.ed,
to become coordinate.
to assume proper order or relation.

to act in harmonious combination.