By the skin of one’s teeth

What is By the skin of one’s teeth?

By the skin of one’s teeth definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the external covering or integument of an animal body, especially when soft and flexible.
such an integument stripped from the body of an animal, especially a small animal; pelt: a beaver skin.
the tanned or treated pelt or hide of an animal, especially when used in apparel and accessories; leather (usually used in combination): pigskin; calfskin.

any integumentary covering, casing, outer coating, or surface layer, as an investing membrane, the rind or peel of fruit, or a film on liquid: a skin of thin ice; the aluminum skin of an airplane.
Jewelry. the outermost layer of a pearl. the outermost layer of a diamond as found: often different in color and refraction from the inner part of the stone.

Nautical. the shell or ceiling of a hull. the outer, exposed part of a furled sail.

Metallurgy. an outer layer of a metal piece having characteristics differing from those of the interior.
a container made of animal skin, used for holding liquids, especially wine.
Slang. condom.
skins, Slang. drums.
Slang. a swindler; cheat.
Slang. a skinflint.
Slang. a horse.
Slang. a dollar bill.
Rocketry. the outer surface of a missile or rocket.

verb (used with object), skinned, skin