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Andrew,1808a??75, seventeenth president of the U.S. 1865a??69.
Charles SpurA.geon [spur-juha??n] /E?spE?ra??dE?E?n/, 1893a??1956, U.S. educator and sociologist.
Claudia Alta TaylorLady Bird, 1912a??2007, U.S. First Lady 1963a??69 (wife of Lyndon Johnson).
(Earvin) Magic, Jr.born 1959, U.S. basketball player.
EyA.vind [ey-vin] /E?eEaa??vEan/, 1900a??76, Swedish writer: Nobel prize 1974.
Gerald White,1890a??1980, U.S. writer.

Howard ( [deer-ing] /E?dEaE?ra??EaA?/, 1896?a??1972, U.S. businessman: founder of restaurant and motel chain.
JackJohn Arthur, 1878a??1946, U.S. heavyweight prizefighter: world champion 1908a??15.
James Price,1891a??1955, U.S. pianist and jazz composer.
James WelA.don [wel-duha??n] /E?wE?la??dE?n/, 1871a??1938, U.S. poet and essayist.
LynA.don Baines [lin-duha??n beynz] /E?lEana??dE?n beEanz/, 1908a??73, thirty-sixth president of the U.S. 1963a??69.
Michael,born 1967, U.S. track athlete.
Philip C(ortelyou),1906a??2005, U.S. architect and author.
RevA.erA.dy [rev-er-dee] /E?rE?va??E?ra??di/, 1796a??1876, U.S. lawyer and politician: senator 1845a??49, 1863a??68.
Richard MenA.tor [men-ter, -tawr] /E?mE?na??tE?r, -tE?r/, 1780a??1850, vice president of the U.S. 1837a??41.
Robert,1911a??38, U.S. blues singer and guitarist from the Mississippi Delta.
SamuelDr. Johnson, 1709a??84, English lexicographer, critic, poet, and conversationalist.
Thomas,1732a??1819, U.S. politician and Supreme Court justice 1791a??93.
Virginia E( [esh-uha??l-muha??n] /E?E?E?a??E?la??mE?n/, 1925a??2013, U.S. psychologist: researcher on human sexual behavior (wife of William H. Masters).
Walter PerryBig Train, 1887a??1946, U.S. baseball player.
Sir William,1715a??74, British colonial administrator in America, born in Ireland.
William JuliusJudy, 1899a??1989, U.S. baseball player, Negro Leagues star.