What is yield?

yield is (noun) 1. the interest produced by an investment The yield on these bonds is higher than average. 2. the quantity of a crop or a product produced from a plant or from an area of land What is the normal yield per hectare? verb 1. to produce money The investment has yielded a good interest until now. 2. to produce a crop or a product This variety of rice can yield up to 2 tonnes per hectare. The North Sea oil deposits yield 100,000 barrels a month. 3. to produce a result Their researches finally yielded the information they were looking for. 4. to yield to someone to give up, to give way to yield to another car (of traffic) to allow another car to go first to yield to pressure or temptation to give in to pressure or temp- tation The government yielded to pressure from the unions and did not proceed with the planned legislation. 5. (of material.) to bend We need a stiff material, something that will not yield.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level