Jig is up

What is Jig is up?

Jig is up definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a rapid, lively, springy, irregular dance for one or more persons, usually in triple meter.
a piece of music for or in the rhythm of such a dance.

Obsolete. prank; trick.

verb (used with object), jigged, jigA.ging.
to dance (a jig or any lively dance).
to sing or play in the time or rhythm of a jig: to jig a tune.

to move with a jerky or bobbing motion; jerk up and down or to and fro.

verb (used without object), jigged, jigA.ging.
to dance or play a jig.
to move with a quick, jerky motion; hop; bob.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/jig–is–up