What is Worse?

Worse is (adj) 1. less good than something else Both children are ill, and to make It rained for the first week of our holidays, and the second week was even worse. I think this film is worse than the one I saw last week. Both children are naughty – but the little girl is worse than her brother. 2. more ill He’s much worse since he started taking his medicine. (adv) not as well He drives badly enough but his sister drives even worse. he’s coughing worse than ever he is coughing more than before (noun) something which is worse They thought their problems were over, but worse was to follow. to take a turn for the worse to suddenly become more ill Everyone thought she was getting better and then she took a turn for the worse. none the worse for not harmed by or ill because of something She was none the worse for her ordeal.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level