What is Opening?

Opening definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
an act or instance of making or becoming open.
the act of a person or thing that opens.
an unobstructed or unoccupied space or place.
a void in solid matter; a gap, hole, or aperture.
a tract of land thinly wooded as compared with adjoining forest tracts.
the act of beginning; start; commencement: the opening of a new session of Congress.

the first part or initial stage of anything.
an employment vacancy; an unfilled position or job: There are no openings for clerks today.
an opportunity; chance.
a formal or official beginning, as of a sport season or a season’s sale of goods: the opening of the deer-hunting season; Swimsuits sold well at the summer opening.
the first performance of a theatrical production.
the first public showing or use of something: the opening of an art exhibition.
a celebration of the first public showing or performance or of the first use or start of something: The new supermarket is going to give away prizes at its opening.
Law. the statement of the case made by counsel to the court or jury preliminary to adducing evidence.
a mode of beginning a game: a manual of chess openings.