What is Very ?

Very is (adv) used to make an adjective or adverb stronger It’s very hot in the car why don’t you open a window? Can you see that very tall pine tree over there? The time seemed to go very quickly when we were on holiday. not very many not a lot of There weren’t very many visitors at the exhibition. very much greatly I don’t like chocolate very much. Thank you very much for your cheque. It’s very much hotter today than it was yesterday. very much the same almost the same very well OK, agreed Very well, then, we’ll meet you at the post office. Synonym extremely (adj) 1. exactly the right one She’s the very person you want to talk to. 2. used to make a (noun) stronger He did his very best to get tickets. The scene takes place at the very beginning of the book.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level