What is Top ?

Top is (noun) 1. the highest place or highest point of something Manchester United are still at the top of the league table. He climbed to the top of the stairs and sat down. The blackbird is sitting on the top of the apple tree. There is a roof garden on top of the hotel. Look at the photograph at the top of page four. at the top of her voice in a very loud voice from top to bottom completely 2. the flat upper surface of something Do not put coffee cups on top of the computer. The desk has a black top. a birthday cake with sugar and fruit on top 3. a cover for a jar or a bottle Take the top off the jar, and see what’s inside. She forgot to screw the top back on the bottle. 4. being best position in a contest or a profession She came top in the competition. 5. a child’s toy which turns very rapidly on a point When a spinning top loses momentum, it wobbles and finally falls over. 6. a piece of clothing covering the upper part of the body She wore jeans and a yellow top. (adj) 1. in the highest place The restaurant is on the top floor of the building. Jams and marmalades are on the top shelf. 2. best She’s one of the world’s top tennis players. (verb) 1. to put something on top cheesecake topped with whipped cream 2. to do better than I don’t think anyone else will top his score. to top it all on top of everything else (informal.) To top it all, a pipe burst in the bathroom and the whole house was flooded. (NOTE: topping topped)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level