What is Lift ?

Lift is (noun) 1. a machine which takes people up or down from one floor to another in a building Take the lift to the tenth floor. Push the button to call the lift. Your room is on the fifteenth floor, so you had better use the lift. (NOTE: The US term is elevator.) 2. a ride in a car offered to someone She gave me a lift to the station. to hitch a lift to ask a driver to take you as a passenger, usually by standing by the side of the road and holding up your thumb or a sign saying where you want to go He hitched a lift to Birmingham. Her car broke down and she hitched a lift from a passing motorist. 3. chair lift, ski lift chairs which take skiers to the top of a mountain slope The chair lift takes about ten minutes to reach the top. (verb) 1. to pick something up or move it to a higher position My briefcase is so heavy I can hardly lift it off the floor. He lifted the little girl up so that she could see the procession. He hurt his back lifting the box down from the shelf. 2. to remove The government has lifted the ban on selling guns. 3. to go away The fog had lifted by lunchtime. 4. to copy Whole sections of his book were lifted from one I wrote two years ago.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level