What is Inside?

Inside definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
on the inner side or part of; within: inside the circle; inside the envelope.
prior to the elapse of; within: He promised to arrive inside an hour.

in or into the inner part: Please go inside.
indoors: They play inside on rainy days.

within one’s heart, reason, etc.; by true nature; basically: I know inside that he’s not guilty. Inside, she’s really very shy.
Slang. in prison.

the inner or internal part; interior: the inside of the house.
the inner side or surface: the inside of the hand; He pinned the money to the inside of his jacket.

Usually insides. Informal. the inner parts of the body, especially the stomach and intestines: The coffee scalded my insides.
a select or inner circle of power, prestige, etc.: a man on the inside.
the shortest of several parallel, curving tracks or lanes; the part of an oval track closest to the inner rail: The horse came up fast on the inside.
the inward nature, mind, feelings, etc.
Slang. confidential or secret information.
an inside passenger or place in a coach, carriage, etc.