What is Issue ?

Issue is (noun) 1. a problem The main issues will be discussed at the meeting. to make an issue of something to have a big discussion about something She’s apologised so don’t try to make an issue of it. the point at issue the question which is being discussed The point at issue is whether the government is prepared to compromise. to take issue with someone to disagree with someone 2. an occasion when new stamps are put on sale or new coins or banknotes start to be used There will be a new issue of stamps this month. 3. an occasion when something is officially given out The issue of ration cards has been delayed. 4. a newspaper or magazine which is published at a particular time We bought the January issue of the magazine. 5. the act of giving out new shares (verb) 1. to make something available for use The new set of stamps will be issued next week. Initially the euro was issued alongside the former national currencies. 2. to give something out officially We issued a writ against the company. The government issued a report on London’s traffic. The Secretary of State issued guide lines for expenditure. 3. to come out Smoke began to issue from the hole in the ground.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level