What is Disk?

Disk definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
any thin, flat, circular plate or object.
any surface that is flat and round, or seemingly so: the disk of the sun.
disc(def 1).
Computers. any of several types of media consisting of thin, round plates of plastic or metal, used for external storage: magnetic disk; floppy disk; optical disk.

Botany, Zoology. any of various roundish, flat structures or parts.
intervertebral disk.
Botany. (in the daisy and other composite plants) the central portion of the flower head, composed of tubular florets.
any of the circular steel blades that form the working part of a disk harrow.
Mathematics. the domain bounded by a circle.
Archaic. discus.

verb (used with object)
Informal. disc(def 3).
to cultivate (soil) with a disk harrow.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/disk