Bernhardt’s disease

What is Bernhardt’s disease?

Bernhardt’s disease definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a shelflike sleeping space, as on a ship, airplane, or railroad car.
Nautical. the space allotted to a vessel at anchor or at a wharf. the distance maintained between a vessel and the shore, another vessel, or any object. the position or rank of a ship’s officer. the cabin of a ship’s officer.

a job; position.

a place, listing, or role: She clinched a berth on our tennis team.

verb (used with object)
Nautical. to allot to (a vessel) a certain space at which to anchor or tie up. to bring to or install in a berth, anchorage, or moorage: The captain had to berth the ship without the aid of tugboats.

to provide with a sleeping space, as on a train.

verb (used without object)
Nautical. to come to a dock, anchorage, or moorage.