What is Touch ?

Touch is (noun) 1. one of the five senses, the sense of feeling with the fingers The sense of touch is very acute in blind people. 2. contact, the passing of news and information to get in touch with someone to contact someone I’ll try to get in touch with you next week. to lose touch with someone to lose contact with someone They used to live next door, but we’ve lost touch with them now that they’ve moved to London. to put someone in touch with someone to arrange for someone to have contact with someone The bank put us in touch with a local lawyer. to stay in touch with someone to keep contact with someone We met in Hong Kong thirty years ago but we have still kept in touch. 3. a gentle physical contact I felt a light touch on my hand. 4. a very small amount He added a few touches of paint to the picture. There’s a touch of frost in the air this morning. a touch of indigestion a slight attack of indigestion finishing touches final work to make something perfect We’re just putting the finishing touches to the exhibition before we open tomorrow morning. 5. a specialstyle She added an artistic touch to the meal. (NOTE: plural in meanings 3 and 4 is touches) (verb) 1. to feel with your fingers The policeman touched him on the shoulder. Don’t touch that cake it’s for your mother. 2. to be so close to something that you press against it His feet don’t touch the floor when he sits on a big chair. There is a mark on the wall where the sofa touches it. 3. to eat or drink I never touch coffee. We never touch food which has not been washed. 4. to make someone feel sad or sympathetic His sad song touched all the people in the church. 5. to touch someone for to try and get someone to give you money (informal.) How much did he touch you for?


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level